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The demand for high quality ubiquitous wireless communication systems is more than ever before. This requirement is the driving force towards the thorough and rapid research, and development in the fields of information and communication technologies worldwide that leads academia and industry towards the development of next generation of wireless communication. Future wireless communication systems should be capable of accommodating higher data rates than the current systems owing to the advent of various multimedia services. It will feature several innovative strategies with respect to existing LTE systems, including, among others, extensive adoption of small cells, use of millimeter (mmWave), Full Duplex, Beamforming etc. The key devises for transmitting and receiving signals are antennas. They play a dominant role in wireless communication system at both, transmitter as well as receiver end. It has been stated that any communication system is only as good as its antenna. The course will hold topics like Small Antennas, reconfiguration and embedded sensors, Wireless Power Transfer, Antennas for Satellites and RFID. The course will discuss the technological aspects and design criteria for its different applications and will model and discuss measurement techniques.
The participants will design different antennas for deferent applications, with different analytical and software tools and assess their performance in terms of the system response. Students will have to give a presentation on their design in front of a jury for evaluation in order to get credit and a certificate.
The course will be held at the faculty of sciences and technology, in Fez. An exotic city which vies with Marrakesh for the title of Morocco's most exotic city. This is the country's spiritual capital, and despite the encroachment of modernity, it has maintained its authentic appeal down through the ages, holding onto its stately bearing as an Imperial City. Its minaret and dome-punctured skyline and timeless, crumbling Islamic architecture are top things to see for tourists. Culture vultures will have a field day craning their necks along the narrow alleyways at all the monument attractions. With historic buildings on every corner, this is a Moroccan metropolis that shouldn't be missed.

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    24th novembre 2018 (24:00 GMT+1)


    The fee is 1500Dh (150Euro) will include the registration fee, coffee breaks, lunches and free participation to the 4th national meeting of young researchers in Sciences and Engineering. Authors of the best works (contribution, writing, and presentation) will be nominated, although places are limited. Therefore, it is recommended to register as soon as possible.  


Faculté des Sciences et Techniques de Fès
Route d’Imouzzer,Fès, Maroc